A Comprehensive Suite of Inventory Management Solutions for the Manufacturing Sector

Companies involved in manufacturing need powerful, accurate, flexible solutions to help them with inventory planning and consigned inventory management. In an industry that looks to produce high run rates and low scrap rates through the use of robotics, AutoCrib® systems can make it easier to maintain these expensive machines.

Customizable configurations, wireless connectivity, and impressive mobility come together in systems that can provide everything from effective tool crib operations to efficient point-of-use tool access. With every transaction tracked by user, job, and other criteria, accountability is reinforced with every use.

We’ve Designed Our Systems To Provide Manufacturers With:

  • Convenient availability of industrial supplies to increase efficiency and productivity
  • Lower storage and on-hand costs through optimized inventory quantities
  • The ability to prevent stock-outs with automated purchase orders
  • Cross-departmental inventory visibility for easier procurement and less waste
  • A number of secure system access methods
  • Gauge calibration management for restricting the use of items in need of service so QA processes are accurate
  • Detailed audit trail information that can be critically important in the event of a recall

To help you stay on top of the fast-changing needs of your business, AutoCrib® solutions come standard with the full spectrum of operational reports and dashboards covering all aspects of tool and materials management. They give managers and executives the real-time information they need to make day-to-day decisions and direct strategic initiatives.

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