Inventory Management Solutions for Safety Gear and Supplies Across All Industries

Employee safety and OSHA compliance requirements associated with it are major concerns for companies in all industries. No organization wants to be involved in a million dollar lawsuit because an employee was unable to obtain a $2 pair of safety glasses. AutoCrib® industrial vending systems address these type of issues in multiple ways.

Our inventory control systems can be operated as point-of-use solutions that give employees fast 24/7/365 access to the safety gear and supplies they need. Advanced calibration monitoring capabilities prevent users from accessing tools that are in need of service. The system tracks every transaction and provides precise audit trail details on when, where, and to whom safety supplies were dispensed.

With Safety Gear And Supplies, As Well As All Your Mro Materials, Autocrib® Solutions Provide:

  • Increased operational efficiency with immediate access to needed items
  • Ability to maintain ideal inventory quantities resulting in lower storage and on-hand costs
  • Automated issuance of purchase orders to prevent stock-outs
  • Multiple ways to login to the system
  • Gauge calibration management for restricting the use of items in need of service
  • Detailed audit trail information that can be critical in the event of a recall or compliance audits and litigation defense.

In addition to reports related to safety and compliance, AutoCrib® systems come standard with a variety of operational reports and dashboards covering all aspects of tool and materials management. They give managers and executives the information they need to make day-to-day decisions and direct strategic initiatives.

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