Logistics Management Solutions Help Keep Utilities Online and in Compliance

Utility companies work under strict regulations regarding uptime and must meet stringent compliance requirements. Failing to do so can result in penalties and other consequences. AutoCrib® solutions, including point-of-use systems and efficient RFID portals, ensure that there is never a delay in getting the industrial supplies you need to complete a task.

Automated inventory tracking, ordering, and management helps reduce errors and can free employees to work on other value-added activities. Requiring employees to sign in to obtain assets promotes accountability which can lead to leaner, more effective operations.

Our Systems Provide The Utility Industry With:

  • Immediate access to the items and materials workers need for greater productivity and safety
  • Faster, easier inventory acquisition through accurate tracking across cost centers
  • Your choice of multiple system login options for full accountability
  • Ability to maintain inventory quantities that meet demand while not taking up excessive storage space
  • Gauge calibration management for restricting the use of items in need of service
  • Administrator-defined security settings that provide complete control over system access

AutoCrib® solutions come with an array of operational reports and dashboards. They give managers and executives the real-time information they need to direct day-to-day operations, manage auditable processes, and develop long-term strategies.

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