Safety Gears Dispensing Solutions by AUTOCRIB

Safety Gears Dispensing Solutions by AUTOCRIB

AutoCrib has various products to provide storage & dispensing solutions for different industries. In common, all industries are required to ensure their employees safety. Employee safety and OSHA compliance requirements associated are major concerns for companies.

Recently, we NC Technologies implemented AutoCrib inventory management solutions for PPE products in one of the reputed petrochemical refineries in India. They had problems to issue all required safety gears to its employees who is working in remote location which has more than 10 entry points for the workers.

They faced challenges to ensure the safety of works and minimize the run around of the employees to stores to pick up PPE items. It costs them heavy loss of time & manpower. More over the Autocrib machines provides an updated detail of transaction to customer ERP system.

  • Employee number
  • SAP CODE item number
  • Quantity
  • Date & Time of transaction

Employees can withdraw the entitled quantity of PPE items with the given frequency. Waiting time, round around wastage & un authorized access to items are removed

We NC Technologies & AutoCrib, joined hands with them to implement a system to ensure that all workers will get safety gears @ the entry point of gate. We recommended Tambour TX750 machine to store & dispense safety gears like shoes, googles, gloves, ear plugs, etc.

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Name – Prabhu N

Designation – Manager -Sales & Support  –  Autocrib