Product Description

The LAN CNC acts as an FTP server for file storage that in turn an operator can access at the control panel on a CNC. Connection to the FTP server can be done with standard software tools that are provided with most PC’s. No logon is required as the LAN CNC FTP Server accepts anonymous logins. Special software is not required. The most popular of these are Explorer and Internet Explorer from Microsoft. Anyone on the network can drag and drop files to the CNC server where they can be transferred to machine memory or drip fed (DNC). Conversely, files residing in CNC memory can be sent to the data server where they can be accessed by anyone on the network. File information is stored on an SD card resident on the LAN CNC. A 2 GB SD card is provided as standard. Other sizes may be substituted. In the event of a network outage, the SD card may be removed and inserted into a PC. Files can be added or stored at the PC and replaced in the LAN CNC.

The LAN CNC employes a unique design to provide network lag protection. CNC controls can be extremely sensitive to the flow of data through the RS-232 port. Any disruption to this flow can create problems in the part being machined. To protect  against this, the LAN CNC always buffers the entire program at the machine. The LAN CNC is a dedicated computer that responds immediately to changes in the data flow to and from the CNC.Since the programs are buffered or stored on the LAN CNC,  the LAN CNC continues to run even if the network fails. If the network starts to lag or lose integrity, the LAN CNC will continue to run in real time.


  •  Drag and drop files to and from CNC data server.
  • Ethernet connection using standard FTP protocol. No special software required.
  • 10/100 BaseT Ethernet
  • Low cost wireless option available
  • DNC (drip feed) operation from data server
  • Local connection of the server to the CNC that is independent from the network eliminates risk due to network outages.
  • SD Memory card file storage in case of network outage
  • Commands executed from machine’s pendant.
  • Mid-tape start with search function.
  • Insert preparatory data prior to DNC operation
  • Tape input for file loading into CNC memory
  • Punch CNC memory file to data server
  • Multiple directory file support
  • Connects to CNC controller with functioning serial port.
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